Launches video series featuring Amol Parashar, Aisha Ahmed, Leeza Mangaldas and more

India, 20th August, 2021: Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, recently launched a new initiative to encourage conversations on consent in partnership with Yuvaa and Pink Legal. As part of the #LetsTalkConsent movement, Tinder has launched a series of videos called ‘How I learned about consent’ in partnership with credible voices of today’s generation.


Popular content creators and influencers such as Leeza Mangaldas, Amol Parashar, Rytasha Rathore, Yuvraj Dua and Aisha Ahmed were seen sharing personal anecdotes on how they learnt the meaning of consent. The video series is accompanied by a new episode of the brand’s ongoing property Tinder Logs on YouTube where these influencers come together to answer the most asked questions on consent while also sharing their personal experiences.


Actor Amol Parashar lays emphasis on how consent is put on the backseat and is not a concept introduced formally to people in India. He goes on to mention that learning about consent is an evolving process and through personal experiences he has come to a better understanding.


Aisha Ahmed talks about learning everyday when it comes to consent and takes the audience back to a very personal experience that opened her eyes on the idea of understanding and respecting consent - which can make all the difference in a relationship. 


Tinder has unveiled a host of safety features over the last two years and recently introduced a dedicated in-app Safety Center for its members in India that includes a Consent 101 section. The ‘Conversations on Consent’ initiative is an extension of these resources meant to encourage a culture of consent in the community. The letstalkconsent guide, brought to you by Yuvaa and Pink Legal, contains information on the meaning of consent, navigating consent across stages of a relationship, how to ask and give consent as well as the nuance of withdrawing it.