Tinder launches #PawfectMatch to help drive pet adoption and rescue for National Pet Adoption Day

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people is partnering with animal rescue and shelter foundations to help users find their #PawfectMatch.


Tinder is working with Friendicoes SECA (Delhi NCR), World For All Animal Care and Adoptions (Mumbai), RESQ (Pune), Charpaws Foundation (Delhi NCR), Karma Foundation (Delhi NCR), and Red Paws Rescue (Delhi NCR) to drive registrations for adopting, fostering, volunteering and/or donating for pet animals. The motivation is to bring attention to the dire landscape of pets in need, rate of abandonment and to drive Tinder users to actively commit towards the cause.


In India, only 1 in 12 abandoned pets are rehomed, and the estimate on pets abandoned run into thousands. Friendicoes in Delhi estimate up to 600 pets a year are abandoned, of which only 100-150 are rehomed. World for All in Mumbai estimate number of abandoned/surrendered pets is 500 in Mumbai, of which 300 are homed and the rest languish in shelters.


With Tinder’s scale and engaged user base, the initiative hopes to drive registrations in large numbers and considerably increase the partner organisation’s outreach network.  


Here’s how it works: Tinder users nationwide will be able to swipe on pet profiles. Users who swipe right will match with the profile and be redirected to a form to indicate their preference. Options include adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering. Contact information and preferences voluntarily shared by users who register will be collated as part of a nationwide registry for partner organisations. The registry will enable pet rescue organisations to have available a large network of volunteers and potential pet parents.




World for All Animal Care and Adoptions on the initiative “The numbers of animals needing homes and being abandoned far outweigh the number of homes available. Additionally, there is gross discrimination against female dogs, cats, senior dogs and cats and special need animals. It is imperative for people to know that these animals need homes as well.  Additionally, the need for adoption can be mitigated by communities coming together to look after the animals in their locality. If buildings and societies can drive responsibly and take collective responsibility of the animals around them the need for adoptions will be greatly reduced. With a bursting population like India where human life seems to be second fiddle, it is imperative for communities to come together to take care of each other, the environment and the animals in it, domestic and otherwise"


Neha Panchamiya, Founder & President [RESQ], says “thousands of pets, if not more, get abandoned each year in India. A campaign like this will greatly help our Rehoming Centre Dogs get the exposure they need and help people become aware that rescued pets not just need homes, but that adopting one from a place that actively works on them, can make your pet experience great. All our dogs are cared for, trained and taught good canine citizen skills before they go to their forever homes! We thank Tinder for this opportunity to help spread the word about rescued pets!”


Taru Kapoor, GM, India-Tinder “Tinder stands up for the choices of a whole generation and how they choose to live their lives, and this includes standing up for things they care about. We are all about having users find a match on Tinder, and this time it’s with a cause. We’re pledging to drive user registration for pets so organisations have a wider network. We know the power of community, and are committed to extending it so pets in need can benefit this National Pet Adoption Day.”


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