Tinder anticipates a Swipe Surge and increased activity close to Valentine’s Day based on past usage trends

11th February, 2020: Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, is anticipating increased activity in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. This time of year is peak Swipe Season, which means Tinder activity reaches an all-time high between January 1 and February 13.


During Swipe Season, Tinder members will swipe an average of 100 more times per person than other similar length time periods. Compared to other similar 6 week periods, the total number of matches worldwide during Swipe Season 2019 was more than 40 million higher on average. Based on Tinder trends from the past year, Tinder anticipates a Swipe Surge later this week as Swipe Season draws to a close.


There are times when activity on Tinder naturally surges;  It happens during festivals; it happens during Valentine’s day; it happens any time people in your area are lighting up Tinder.


The concept of Swipe Surge is simple: if there are a high number of people using Tinder during one specific period or area, Tinder will alert people nearby. Swipe Surge can happen at any time, and users will receive a push notification with real-time updates during a Swipe Surge. Users who join a Swipe Surge will have their profile appear in the front of the line and will be able to see which other users are currently active. During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher! This increases match-making potential by 250%, and the chance to spark a new conversation 33% faster.



So how can you make the most of this Swipe Season? Here are a few hacks to help you change your perspective just in time for V Day 2020.


  • Stop and read the bios. For those looking for a new kind of connection in 2020, it might be time to slow your swipe. In fact, people who spend more time on each profile they pass enjoy nearly double the matches and have nearly 20% more mutual conversations than folks who speed through. Try pausing longer on each profile and taking time to read the bios to potentially improve matches


  • Look for someone who champions your cause. Causes are growing as a connector on Tinder. Climate Change mentions in bios alone increased 80% in the last year. And topics like the environment, equality, volunteer, equality and of course, politics, all popped in 2019. So come 2020, look deeper into someone’s profile to see if they call out the causes you care about.


  • Follow the (star) signs. The use of astrological signs in bios grew 16% on Tinder this past year. Interestingly, 18-24 year olds are 43% more likely to name a star sign.