Tinder India Brings 2 Gen Z Essentials Together: Music & Memes

Every generation interacts with music in its own special way, but when it comes to Gen Z, their relationship with music seems to unfold like none other. Tinder India reveals that Music ranked as the number 1 Passion among Gen Z in June 2021. For this generation music is Bae! It features in almost everything - right from their 3 a.m. pings to their Tinder bios. They can go on binge jamming 24*7 - while they’re working, sleeping, travelling, or simply chilling.

When coupled with memes this passion takes on a new life to express how they feel right here, right now. And, so is happening in ‘The Rona’ days too. Swiftly catching on with Twitter’s “how it started vs how it’s going” trend, they’re clubbing two of their lifelines to keep social media posted about everything—right from everyday situations to iconic shades of their personalities.

Here’s how they’re using some lit music-meme combos to spill their vibe all over the internet, especially with the ‘My Tinder Anthem: Me’ challenge:

1. Sahil Shah @SahilBulla

2. Be YouNick @BeYouNick182

3.  Taneesha Mirwani @taneesho

4. Agasthya Shah @agasthyashah1

5. Sapan Verma @sapanv

6. Varun Thakur @VarunmThakur

7. Xyaa @xyaalive

8. sumaira shaikh @sumairashaik