Nicole Senior

Nicole Senior is the VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Culture at Tinder, where she leads the development of strategies to ensure that employee and member experiences are considered through the lens of DEI. Her role is an expansion of her previous work as Sr. Director of Workplace Experience, where Nicole focused on increasing employee happiness through workplace services, company events, outings and perks.

During her time at Tinder, Nicole has partnered with Employee Resource Groups and affinity groups to develop programmes that foster a community in which everyone’s voice is heard and culture is celebrated. One of her main goals is continuing this sense of belonging at Tinder, by celebrating the uniqueness that each employee brings to the collective. Nicole strives to create an inclusive environment that excites, challenges and inspires everyone, every day. She is driven by the philosophy that an equitable and inclusive workplace is the key to unlocking creativity and innovation for the brand.

Prior to joining Tinder, Nicole led Workplace Experience for Dropbox, Netflix and West Elm, creating physical spaces and employee events that encouraged culture and connection.