Unlock New Dating Possibilities With Love Styles on Tinder
'Time Together' unveiled as the preferred love style of 50% of young singles in India on the world's most popular dating app

India (February 10, 2024): Tinder, the world's most popular dating app is helping daters in India to 'Know Your Love Style'. In collaboration with Gen Z romance author Nona Uppal, this campaign encourages young singles to discover their unique styles of love this Valentine's Day. Notably, in the run up to Valentine’s Day last year, Tinder experienced a 10% surge in overall matches compared to an average day.2

Tinder recently unveiled its Love Style feature, allowing users to select their preferred language of affection—be it compliments, thoughtful gestures, time together, presents, or touch—to showcase on their profiles. Love Styles, a feature on Tinder, allows users to express their preferences and connect with others who share similar love languages. Tinder has witnessed a remarkable 50% year-over-year increase in Tinder users mentioning 'love languages' in their bios.3 Furthermore, an overwhelming 82% of Tinder users consider it crucial to understand their matches' 'Love Style' early on in the dating process.

Aahana Dhar, Tinder’s Communications Director in India says, "Gen Z is rewriting the rules of dating, and 'Time Together' has emerged as the preferred love style of 50% of young singles, both globally and in India, over other love styles, indicating the value this generation places on shared moments and the authenticity that defines their approach to meaningful connections. This Valentine's Day, we encourage Tinder users to embrace and add their love style in their profiles and discover new ways to connect with their matches.

A ‘Know Your Love Style’ quiz, developed by Nona, will be displayed to Tinder users in India between 13th and 29th of February as cards they can click into to take a fun and easy quiz and discover their love language to proudly display it on their profile.

Nona Uppal, Author elaborated, “Gen Z approaches dating with a thoughtful mindset, engaging in important conversations early on.  Embracing Love Styles as a vital aspect of finding a romantic partner aligns with this transparency. It's like laying your cards on the table, unapologetically. Knowing exactly how you want to be loved minimizes uncertainty, making Tinder's encouragement for young Indians to choose their unique Love Styles for meaningful connections brilliant.

To help singles understand their Tinder match’s love style, Nona Uppal shares insights and exciting date ideas tailored to each love style, to help Tinder users plan a fun and meaningful Valentine’s Day date.

  1. Time Together: If their love style is Time Together, they eagerly anticipate one-on-one plans. Whether it's virtual game nights, or binge-watching their favorite shows together, it's all about creating epic shared experiences and building deep connections.

  2. Thoughtful Gestures: This love style is all about showing your date that they live rent-free in your thoughts. Making them feel cherished and remembered with a heartfelt text, a virtual doodle, or a funny meme will leave a lasting impression.

  3. Presents: If they are the type who love to receive gifts, let your presents speak volumes! Whether it's a customized playlist, a surprise meal delivery, or a personalized K-pop band t-shirt, show your affection through thoughtful gifts.

  4. Touch: If hand-holding, hugs, and cuddles are their thing, touch is probably their love style. Even without words, your touch says it all which lets your Tinder match know that they're on your mind. Plan a cozy outdoor picnic or a romantic beach stroll, but always respect boundaries and ensure your date is comfortable with your affectionate gestures.

  5. Compliments: If compliments are their love style, they would expect you to notice and appreciate the little things! Consider creating a scrapbook filled with cherished memories or simply take a moment to verbally express your admiration for your Tinder date's unique qualities. Authenticity is key

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Launched in 2012, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and has been downloaded more than 530 million times. The app is available in 190 countries and 45+ languages.  More than half of all users are 18-25 years old. In 2022, Tinder was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. 

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